Looking for answers? Before asking a question, read through this FAQ to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered! If not, feel free to contact a league commissioner or staff member for assistance.

Q: Why do I need a TheGoldenTurducken.com username?
A: All users who plan on contributing to the league and league related articles will need to register on the website and create a login. Once created, you will be able to post articles, power rankings, and much more.

Q: How do I register a username on TheGoldenturducken.com?
A: To register a username on TheGoldenturducken.com, simply go to the “register” tab under the Front Office from the league homepage.

Q: How do I login to TheGoldenturducken.com?
A: To login, simply go to the “login” tab under the Front Office from the league homepage.

Q: How do I post an article?
A: Once logged in to the site, head over to the front office and click the “Post Article” tab. Below we will go through the entire form,

Featured Image – This is where you will upload the main image for the article. This image will appear anywhere that the article is featured on the website.

Title of Article – Self explanatory. Be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Categories – In the previous interface only 1 category was eligible to be selected. We have created the ability to have 3 categories for one article.
Any team related news should be categorized under “team news”. If there is not a category that fits your article, please categorize is as the generic “News” and contact a commissioner if a new category is to be requested.

Tags – All articles in this interface will be tagged as featured
This tag will be what places your article on the homepage of the website. If you don’t tag it, it will only appear in the category areas.

Be sure to check the box asking if you have categorized and tagged your article or it will not allow your post.

Post Content – While this is self explanatory, there are a few things to be said.
When posting images within your content, please copy the image from a web address and paste directly in the content box. This will both save server resources and help us keep our media library somewhat organized.

Q: Can I edit an article after I post?
A: Yes. After posting the article if you need to edit your post you can do so by using these steps.

From the homepage or news pages, click on your article. This will bring you to the area where you can read your article.
Find the userbar at the very top of your webpage.
Click the “edit post” button on that userbar and you will be directed to the “edit post” page.
Edit your post and click “update” at the bottom of the page.
You MUST be in your posts page to edit your post. If you are not on the correct page, it will redirect you.
You can only edit posts you have personally made.