All TGT team owners are expected to read and be knowledgeable of all league rules and requirements at ALL times. If the rules are updated a commissioner will let everyone know in discord and likely post a league announcement on the website. It is up to each owner to make sure they check in frequently for any updates or changes. Exceptions will not be made for those who violate a league rule for simply “not knowing” about it.

Any questions or concerns can be brought to the attention of TGT Staff or Commissioners for clarification.

We start with a base set of sliders and will adjust through the season as we see fit.

Sliders: Check CFM
XP Sliders: Check CFM

Advances: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday(Mornings)
Skill Level: All Madden
Quarters: 10 Minute
Modes: Created Coach; firing/relocation off.
Accelerated Clock: On
Playoff Completion Time-frame: Same advance schedule
Off- Season Completion Time-frame: 5 days