Broadcasting, Scheduling, & Connections

Scheduling Games

There must be effort by everyone to schedule your games. Owners are expected to respond to people in a timely manner using the chat app. Communicating with your opponent by providing them times that you can play is the best way to assure that you are scheduling correctly.

  • You must contact your opponent within the first 24 hours after advance via direct message (DM). If your opponent provides a screenshot proof that you have failed to respond or reach out, they will have the option of playing the CPU are taking a SIM win.

Scheduled advances are 10pm EST On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. If the league advances early, all users will still have 24 hours from the regular scheduled advance time.

  • All games being played after 7PM EST on the night of a scheduled advance are required to inform the league in the scheduling chat. The league will not go through other chat to find scheduled game times. If games are not scheduled by 7PM EST on advance night, they are at risk of being simmed.
  • If you go multiple weeks with poor scheduling, you will be approached by the league to fix the situation. If you do not respond to the league and do not fix the poor scheduling issues you will be subject to removal from the league.
  • Grace Period: After your scheduled game time your opponent will have a 15 minute grace period. If they do not show up within this period you can choose to reschedule or have your opponent placed on Auto Pilot and play the CPU.
  • Straight sims will occur when both players schedules do not match up due to conflicts in work,family, or other personal items.
  • Extended Auto Pilot: The league needs to be notified if you are going away on an extended absence. We will grant you extended auto pilot. This is only to be used if you are away on vacation or have some other commitments. This is not to be used because of a losing season and out of the playoff race. Not playing your games will subject you to removal from the league.


  • Twitch/Youtube: It is encouraged that all TGT games are streamed by one user taking part in the game. The Away team is required to broadcast the game. If neither user is able to broadcast due to internet limitations the game will still be allowed to be played.

Any complaints or broken rules can not be enforced or regulated by the league if the game is not being broadcast. If you have an issue with your opponent you can still clip locally either live or from replays and submit this complaint via the complaint center form.

  • Set all broadcasts to save: Setting your broadcast to save is required.
  • Broadcasting CPU games is required. This will prevent individuals from breaking rules against the CPU and taking advantage of poor AI to run up scores for XP.

Game Connections ( Lag,Disconnects, etc)

  • Server/User Disconnection: If a disconnect/desync occurs during a game, it will be up to the users to decide how to proceed. Any arguments on how this is handled will be deferred to the league or will result in a straight sim.

The team with the lead before the d/c should be in the driver seat for how they want to handle the disconnect.  Force wins will NOT be granted unless the game has reached the 3rd QTR, there is a clear lead and both users are in agreement of the outcome.

  • Disconnect following scheduled advance: If a game disconnects following the scheduled advance time, the game will be simmed with the leading team earning the force win – unless the league deems otherwise. This is the result of users waiting until the last hour before advance to play their game.
  • Lag Issues: If users are dealing with excessive lag it is recommended that users pause and turn off the live stream to the game. If the lag shows from the start then the users should communicate and back out of the game, reset their connection and try again.

Quitting mid game due to lag is NOT allowed unless both users agree to doing so.