Gameplay Rules

General Gameplay

  • Playbooks: Custom offensive and defensive playbooks are allowed.
  • Blowouts: Everyone has been on each side of a blowout. When winning, be respectful and try not to run up the score. Subbing out your starters and running clock is expected when up by a large number of points.
  • Pre-Snap Movement: You are only allowed to move 1 player other than your user player. All other movement needs to be done via shifts and coverage audibles. You may not move an extra blocker back on a punt return until the ball is snapped.
  • Statistics: Stat abuse will be monitored. This includes score and individual player stats. It is okay that records get broken however the way it gets done can be scrutinized.

Examples of running up the score:
– Throwing the ball more than 2-3 times a drive when up 28 points with under 6 minutes in the 3rd quarter. (Chew the clock!)
– Not kneeling the ball when you can run the clock out to end the game.
– Continuing to play your starters when up several scores in the 4th quarter.

Examples of stat padding
– Running back having 30+ carries for 250+ yards 3+ touchdowns in a game you are up by 30+ points.  – Backup running backs combined get 4-5 carries.
– Having a pass to run ratio of 85% or more.
– If you have a WR on pace for 2500 yards and 20+ touchdowns more than a third of the way through the season.

Remember we are a sim league and not a fantasy league, however this is still a video game. People should have a good understanding of running up the score and stat padding. The league will step in when it deems a user is crossing the line.


  • Mix up your play calling: A play shouldn’t be called out of the same formation more than 2-3 times per game. The same route concepts can and will be ran more often than this out of different formations, however they still are not to be abused. (We shouldn’t see constant slants, verts, mesh etc.) We will always attempt to give a little leeway as it pertains to taking advantage of what the defense gives you. The same logic is applied to the defensive side of the ball.
  • QB roll out: A quarterback may only roll out toward the sideline on designed roll outs or when under pressure. If a quarterback leaves the pocket without meeting one of those requirements, then they are expected to run the football past the LOS or throw the ball away. Focus on making football plays, not taking advantage of the AI.
  • Play-action: In 3rd and long situations PA should not be used. When choosing a PA play you may not hot route the running back to “cancel” the PA animation.
  • Hurry Up: Hurry up is allowed to be used similar to real life NFL (not college). It can be used in realistic situations like down 14 points in the 4th, or to execute a 2-3 minute drill before the half or at the end of the game. You MUST decline any encroachment penalty caused by a no huddle.
  • Hot Routes/Audibles: Do not spam audibles out of the huddle. Use them in a logical manner. Hot routes should be used realistically. You should not have to hot route every play and more than 2 hot routes should never be called on any given play. There is a playbook full of good plays. USE THEM.
  • Fair Catch: If you call a fair catch, you must either catch the ball or get out of the way of the defender like in real life. You can make contact and block defenders if you do not signal fair catch.
  • Rush 3: Three players must always be set to rush the passer on every play.
  • Onside Kicks: Users are allowed to only use onside kicks in realistic situations where they are down points and time calls for it.
  • Banned: All nano blitzes, glitch punting, and other non fair play glitches/exploits.

4th Down Rules

  • No going for it inside your own 45 unless score and clock dictate the need to.
  • If you are in FG range you should kick the FG unless score or weather conditions dictate otherwise.
  • Each team has 1 coach’s decision to use on 4th down anywhere on opponent’s half of field.
  • Fake punt/FG counts towards the coach’s decision.