Requirements, Sportsmanship & Conduct

  • Discord: The Discord App is a requirement for the league. If you do not join discord you will not receive a league invite. While we promote banter within the chat we will not tolerate personal attacks and racially targeted comments.  We want everyone to feel welcome in the chat.
  • Know the Rules: This is a sim league and we expect people to abide by the rules. We will adjust certain rules accordingly with gameplay issues that may pop up during a cycle. We expect all owners to follow the rules so that every game is enjoyable to league members.
  • Communicate: By using the Discord App to schedule games and keep notice to league announcements. Play your games and complete all in and off-season activities. Communicate with the league any absences. 
  • Quitting or conceding games: Not allowed vs users. If a team has an owner that did not show up for your game, you are allowed to restart that game vs CPU as needed to secure a win. If the team you are facing does NOT have an owner, you must start the game one time and accept the outcome. If you start the game, you must finish it. You may not exit and decide to let it sim. If you quit a game it is an automatic boot from the league.
  • Respect: If the game is in hand you should be running the clock out and not running up the score. You can throw to get first downs and score if you have a clear path, however continuing to press and run up the score will not be tolerated. It is also suggested for you to play your backups as a real coach would. ( You are to knee the ball to run out the clock and not continue to run plays at the end of the game). If the game is reviewed for this rule and the commissioners unanimously agree it was broken you will be subject to league discipline
  • Complaints:Any complaints need to be handled by using the complaint form. Along with the written complaint you should include some form of visual proof of the infraction to be put under review. (ie Twitch/Youtube stream link with time stamp, or clip)  From there the proper steps can be taken by the league to review the complaint.
  • Pausing: If your opponent pauses, do not let the timer run down. Check Discord to see if they have sent you a message on why they needed to pause. Please allow them a few minutes to take care of whatever came up. If the pause is extended please consider re-scheduling the game if early. If it is later in the game a commissioner can make a ruling to abandon the game if the pause is going to be extended.


Our number one goal here as a SIM league is to ensure everyone has a great experience. While with any sort of competition there will always be issues here and there, treating each-other with the utmost respect is always going to be a big part of what we strive to do. This will not only make the experience more fun for everyone, but also help us create one of the best SIM franchise communities around.