Roster Management

Trade Rules

  • All trades are to be submitted to the league office via a completed trade request form.
  • All trades need to be approved by the league office before users send the trade via the game.
  • New users trades will be more heavily scrutinized by the league for approval.
  • Restriction: 4 Players IN/OUT per season.
  • Restriction: Rookies drafted in rounds 1 and 2 will not be allowed to be traded until their 2nd season.

The idea is to allow users to run their teams as they see fit. If they want to make a mistake as a GM in a trade we try and allow it. The league will be less likely to approve questionable trades with newer members until they have shown commitment with sticking with their team.

Free Agency

  • Post draft FA will be first come first serve, otherwise known as FFA (free for all)

Player Contract Rules

  • 85+ overall players can sign deals of any length
  • 84 overall and below may only sign for a 5 year length.
    If a player requests 6+ years provide the league with a picture for proof.
  • You are not allowed to cut a player and resign them the same season to get them on a more desirable contract.

Position Change Rules: Due to past experience and the mechanics of Madden we have certain positional limitations for positional changes. If a change is not listed here then the change will be considered ILLEGAL. If you have any questions about a position change it is best to ask the league first.


  • HB: Eligible to move to wide receiver. Eligible to move to FB if 220+ lbs and less than 86 speed.
  • FB: Eligible to move to HB or TE.
  • TE: Eligible to move to FB or WR
  • WR: Eligible to move to HB if 75+ carry rating.
  • OL: All are interchangeable.
  • CB: Eligible to move to S if less than 86 speed.
  • S: Eligible to move anywhere in the secondary. Eligible to move to LB if 220+ lbs AND less than 88 speed AND under 25 years old.
  • LB: All LB positions are interchangeable. Eligible to move to DE.
    Linebackers will NOT be allowed at defensive tackle.
  • DL: All are interchangeable